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Richie Dagger

It’s nice to see a working class punk band that don’t mention Bruce Springsteen in their bio, I don’t think they even have a bio at all. RICHIE DAGGER is a band that hails from the Netherlands with their roots in Tilburg. They share (ex) members with Victim In Spain, Act Of Ignorance, HOOGHWATER, RESTLESS YOUTH, THE REACTIONARIES, BACKFIRE! and probably more. I’ve always liked Restless Youth’s liveshows but their singer really made a big impression on me off stage. We were hanging out at the ATP Festival in the UK (the Nightmare Before Christmas edition curated by Thurston Moore) when Sjef (guitar/vocals) came back from the toilet. He looked disorientated and told us someone had punched him in the face… We all asked what the fuck had happened in the toilet and he told us that he was taking a piss and that he just grabbed another man’s privates at the urinoirs… We had a couple of Guinness’s and went back inside the venue to see Flipper (w/ Krist Novoselic), Iggy & The Stooges and Sonic Youth amongst others.

But back to the music, the Richie Dagger boys have just self-released their second full length called ‘CITY DWELLERS’ and just like the first album (‘JADED MAN’ on Quadrofoon Records) is filled with Wipers, Replacements and LA punk inspired rock n roll with a dark psychedelic edge or sounds like listening to Flipper, the Stooges and Sonic Youth while getting punched in the face cause you’ve just grabbed another man’s cock at a public toilet.

Here’s a video to their song FLUXHEAD.

Below there are some European tourdates, most of the shows are with fellow Dutch punks NEED. Or catch the boys at a beer festival in Holland.

05/11 Extase, Tilburg.

18/12 Music City, Antwerp.

26/12 Pacific Parc, Amsterdam.

09/01 DB’s, Utrecht.

23/01 Area51, Eindhoven.