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The weather in Southern California has inspired some to hit the beach and others stuck face-first in front of an AC vent. Last weekend I visited the LA Natural History Museum to take a few photos and soak in some prehistoric visuals before the night’s long festivities of Red Bull & Vodka.


Next are some visuals from shows I attended at the Observatory OC, the quality of the pictures are caused by excessive jumping and wild elbows being thrown non-stop.

“Chronixx” a 22 year old Jamaican-Reggae phenom, brought the Irie vibes to a packed room of dread-head Rastas. Clouds filled the venue with herbal healing and Skankin bodies moved left to right. Chronixx has gained an international buzz in the Reggae scene, bringing a unique melodic voice to modern day roots-reggae. He expressed his inspirations and influences from the likes of Bob Marley, Buju Banton and a variety of American Country Musicians. I highly recommend his music for a sunny sensemilla day at the beach.

Wu Tang’s very own “GZA” packed a sold out $5 show of rowdy Hiphop fans, from the oldest to the youngest of generations. Playing his legendary album “Liquid Sword” in its entirety. Nothing could compare to the verbal master of the mighty Wu on a weeknight.

Lastly “Travis Scott” a Texas native, who took stage for his 2015 Rodeo Tour. His music is Southern Trap influenced mixed with loud high pitch synthesizers and weird melodies and ad-libs. Travis has been making an impact amongst the youthful generation, his constant energy and crowd control is what makes his live performances worth watching. Scott’s fan following is in a culture of its own; from Skaters, Hipsters, and Hardcore Hiphop heads, the crowd is extremely young with no patience to get weird off a pill or two all while purchasing a $3 water.

– Stay trippy