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Ollie Murphy Zine Divagate. Capturing London Youth Culture

Ollie Murphy’s new zine Divagate (meaning to stray or digress) is an insight into London youth culture, specifically art and punk. The cover is printed using a risograph machine, gold ink on black paper. The publication is an ode to some of the most creative and exciting artists in the UK has to offer. Artists featured include the legendary Billy Childish, the best punk band in the UK right now (in my humble opinion) ANXIETY, the painter Faye Wei Wei and many more great humans. In such testing times, a terrible conservative government, cuts being made to the arts and so many more awful things happening in this country, creativity never dies! Long live the young, the amateurs, and the great people in the world making life fun.

Unfortunately the zine is now completely sold out but every page can be seen in the gallery below.

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