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Olivver takes on Russia

Photo: James Sullivan

A few weeks ago I introduced to you an awesome “up and coming” LA based artist by the name of Olivver The Kid (Aka Bryan Sammis). In just a little under a year he has self released his debut EP “Freak” with a handful of incredible remixes as well as taken the LA music scene by storm. Opening for artists such as JMSN, Kitten, and Maudlin Strangers (just to name a few) he’s had outstanding progress making a mark in the So Cal music scene and it looks as though things are only getting better for this drummer turned singer/song-writer. Recently, he was asked to fly out to Russia to headline a few shows with his full band including Jake Lopez (guitar) Brett Fair aka Beef (DJ) , and Luke Mensink (drums) . I caught up with Bryan this past weekend to talk about how the shows went, how the food tasted, and his over all impression of experiencing Russia for the first time.

What up homie, so how was the motherland Russia?
It was great. The shows were killer, the fans were awesome. They brought me a lot of presents and went hard during the show. I really appreciated all the effort that went into them making sure my first Russian experience was a good one.

What were some of these “presents” that you got?
I got a couple Russian books. One of those Russian doll things. Some nice letters, some nice drawings, some Russian chocolate. It was great.


Photo: James Sullivan

That’s awesome. So it sounds like your fans out there were pretty stoked to have you out there. Did you experience any other people not so stoked to have you around?
The language barrier definitely created some interesting situations.. but nothing too crazy. Just a little frustration on both ends trying to communicate, but it all worked out for sure.

Did u get to venture out much while out there?
We definitely did in Moscow. That was really the only time we got an off day.

You mentioned that you visited a local tattoo shop while out there. What was it called?
It was called Mavericks and it was a tattoo barbershop. Definitely the tightest place we visited. The people were amazing and some of the guys in our crew got tattooed.


From left to right: Luke Mensink, Jake Lopez, Brett Fair, Bryan Sammis // Photo: James Sullivan

That’s dope. Who got tats?
Luke who was playing drums got a rose on his elbow. Brett who was djing got a “Russian doll” with the word Russia IN Russian on him. haha

What cities did yall play?
Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod

Which city would you say was your favorite of the three you played?
Moscow was my favorite but probably because we had the most time to see the city and do things outside of playing a show. We went to some bars, went to an underground hookah place, got Georgian food, and of course we did the touristy thing for sure (red square, etc).


Photo: James Sullivan

How was the food out in Russia?
Hit or miss for me.. but I’m picky. Loved the Georgian food though.

Did yall play with other bands out there?
It was just us. My DJ opened up all the shows.

That’s dope. Any rad after parties?
Yeah after the Moscow show we stayed out at this bar until like 6am. We were there during a period of “white nights” so it was still light outside at like 12am. It was crazy.


Photo: Brett Fair


Nice. Any other memorable moments while out there? Any crazy shit happen during/after the shows?
At the Moscow show I came on stage to the floor full of paper airplanes they had made with messages on them. That was awesome. The night train was a crazy experience. I had some of the best coffee of my life out there too. Definitely had a good time.

Unrelated, we went to a Starbucks out there and I got this weird frap thing that I just pointed to. Shit was weird but good haha. Also, sparkling water is like the standard out there which threw me off. Definitely got the wrong type a couple of times.

Haha sparkling water? I would have never guessed that
Yeah. They call it “water with gas”.

Did you pick up any words in Russian while out there?
Speciba is thank you.. I probably spelled it wrong.


Photo: James Sullivan

So what’s next for Olivver? Another tour? record?
Not sure right now. Kind of taking some time to really figure out the next move for this project or just for my life in general. Might do a little traveling in July.

Nice. What have you been listening to lately?
Third Eye Blinds new record is bad ass. My homies in Little Wolves debut song “Home” for sure & some Stevie Wonder… his mixes were crazy. So many instruments…

Right on. Any shoutouts?
Yeah thanks to Obey for the coverage on all this. Super dope. Thanks to Russia for having me. And you will all be hearing from me soon…