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ohh hagen

This is gonna be short and sweet.. We’ve barely slept because we’re working our asses off, so haven’t had much time to post nor edit my pics. There’s been a lot of crazy stuff going down with the 69 wall. To sum it up, it got bombed then we fixed it then got bombed again.. there was a huge argument with one of the local youths and Shep got a little hairy.. but Shep being Shep explained why he did the wall and now there is going to be a collaboration with the youth house.

Here’s what's been going down.

Shep and Soren Solkaer Starbird, really famous Danish photographer

later that night

anyways… ok back to the other mural

Kings Square wall reminds me up the Amsterdam Central Station wall.. this was a really long day and long night

this is Emil, all of us had trouble remembering his name so we just started calling him Emileo.. super nice dude

thats about it for now…