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Officially Quigley Studio Visit

Minneapolis-native Quigley is taking the electronic dance music scene by storm with her captivating and unique vocal style and her playful production technique that she simply describes as “pretty.” Comparing her sound to Grimes or Ellie Goulding, Quigley pairs fantastic lyrics and chopped up vocal samples with upbeat electronics to lend her voice to a generation of girls as they explore what it means to grow up and grow old, to change, to fall in love. Now residing in Los Angeles, the songwriter-producer is currently busy promoting her debut EP, Initium while writing and recording her next release in 2016.
Our very own Sam Lopez interviewed the singer-songwriter in her studio covering the topics of her taste in music, fashion and her fat cat Meatball.

How long have you been producing your own music?

I took my first production class at Minneapolis Media Institute in 2010, but it took me a few years before I was comfortable behind the laptop. I started with little snippets of tracks and my manager, India, really pushed me to make them into full songs.
How is it being a female producer in an industry primarily dominated by male DJs and producers? Do you find it difficult/easy?
I find it exciting! There is the potential for great change! It can be intimidating sometimes, but mostly I just enjoy seeing the look on peoples faces when they ask me if I’m a singer and I respond, “Yes, and I also write and produce my music too.” My biggest aspiration as an artist is to be a role model for young girls who want to be musicians. There is so much potential to tap into and I cant wait to see what the industry looks like in ten years when people assume all women can produce. Its going to BONKERS, and I’m going to be right there leading the pack.
Who are your major influences when it comes to writing songs? What about creating production?
When it comes to song writing, I am very inspired my artists who tell stories… whose words are poetry. I listened to a lot of Bjork and Prince growing up, both really shaping me as a songwriter. As far as production goes, I have always looked up to women like Kate Bush and Imogen Heap, who pioneered the production world for women in the industry. Also, I credit basically 90% of what I know to my ex-fiance, Vincent Frank. He goes by Frankmusik. I idolized him before I met him for the work he had done with Ellie Goulding and on his first record. We didn’t part ways in the best way but he changed my life, and I will always be beyond thankful for everything he taught me.


Who have you collaborated with in the past? Do you have any upcoming collaborations you’re excited about?
I have done tons of collaborations, but haven’t released any of them yet. I do have some upcoming collabs on the way, but I can’t discuss them right now! STAY TUNED!
How would you describe your style? Musically and fashion wise.
I would describe my music as fun and melodic, with lots of samples, rhythmic airy vocals, bright stubby synths, eighties drum fills and toms. My style is colorful and western, with a 90s twist. Its a mix of bright, bold, and global prints styled with braids and hats. I sometimes refer to my style as Art Teacher Chic, or Glama (Glamorous Grandma).
Speaking of fashion, what Obey Women’s pieces really speak to you and how does it fit your mode of awesomeness?
I am obsessed with the maxi skirts and dresses. I love skirts because they make me feel super feminine and are so comfy!!! I also like to look a little bit like a witch/nun. So it works.
Who’s your favorite musical artists right now?
Right now I am listening to a lot of Allie X, MNEK, and St. Lucia.
Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
SEE ABOVE!!! Also Taylor Swift. I want to produce a Taylor Swift song. Hit me up, girl!
What’s your guilty pleasure song right now?
I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Why would any feel guilty about what makes them feel good!!? Insanity! But for all intents and purposes… I really am loving Carly Rae Jepson’s new record. I love Run Away With Me and Emotion. The production and melodies are so good!!!
Any shoutouts?
Yes, follow my big fat cat @meatballtheragdoll on Instagram. Thank me later.

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