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The brand “Rusmin” was founded in March 2019, by young entrepreneur and all-round creative Rubi Pigeon. The mission statement of the 23-year-old Franco-Brazilian “to create and promote eco-friendly clothing via up cycling, what someone else disregards can be a treasure”. She does this by gathering past collections from various brands then transforming them into unique new pieces; deconstructing and reconstructing the amassed garments by her own special skill set. With her unique designs, she refreshes and transforms the garments into a fresh vibrant new look. Please check out Rubi’s Youtube channel (RUSMIN) where you can pick up tips on up cycling, DIY and lifestyle trends. Follow her as she designs, creates and roams the vintage shops of Paris. 

Rubi was quick to realize that the overconsumption culture we live in is having a detrimental impact on the environment and our future. She demonstrates to both younger and older generations how easy and fun it can be to reuse garments; instead of constantly buying new and discarding your wardrobe. The OBEY team fell in love with her enthusiasm and abilitiy to create unique pieces which really transforms an item into something completely new and eye catching. 

OBEY continues to be committed to reducing its environmental footprint wherever possible, from sourcing sustainable materials to monitoring responsible manufacturing procedures. Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing mission but we’re up for the challenge, striving to constantly learn, improve and educate along the way. Rubi is an inspiration for us all and we are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her. She shifted through the unsold items from our past collections, made her selection of 8 styles, and quickly began creating magic with her team. The collection includes such styles as shorts, rompers, and crop tops. 

The Rusmin items will be on pre-sale on our website on the 11th of May. The pieces are very limited, so stay tuned, you won’t want to miss out!





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