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OBEY x Patty Morgan 'Bodyshop Artshow'

This month we are hosting the first show in our brand new Artspace in the Amsterdam Store. For this project we worked together with Patty Morgan who did a great job curating this art show with the works of 25 artists.

Patty Morgan is an online platform that offers art pieces from progressive creators. To create a bigger audience for the amazing work in Patty Morgan’s collection, we teamed up using OBEY deadstock for upcycling and created a wearable art web shop, with the works and details from the 25 awesome artists, named the ‘BODYSHOP’. If you were able to get your hands on one of the unique items you can actually wear their web shop. There are only a few items left, so please check to see what’s still available.


The art show is up till August 30. So please come and experience the works and our OBEY Artspace.