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OBEY x Boogieland

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed an afternoon and evening full of great fights, amazing bands, and awesome DJ’s with our friends from Boogieland.
We love Boogieland! They are an incredible boxing club in Amsterdam North that opens the doors to the fascinating world of real kickboxing and boxing, while creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all  who are interested. Boogieland creates a great atmosphere while providing challenging training for their fighters.
All of the fights were full of fire and passion and professionally supervised. The event was a great time for everyone, and the fighters were welcomed like superstars.
In the evening, the party erupted with bands like Bong Lord, Wodan Boys and excellent songs mixed by Mr. Wix, among others. 
We at OBEY contributed to this event by sponsoring Boogieland tees. Together we created an original design that we were proud to see on the backs of the heroes that night.