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Love Letter


This mix was made exclusively and exhaustively with every record I procured while visiting France in September 2023 — A pilgrimage I dreamt of for years. I set a budget and a plan to fill a carry-on luggage, I visited Bazar Musiques & Mindtrip in Marseille and Techno Import & Dizonord in Paris. I stole hours for this while my partner derivé in either city. The sounds I found so casually and generously were as much what I had specifically craved for years as new ideas I hadn’t dreamt of. The energy of these songs has carried me for months. 

This mix is called Love Letter not just that it is of the deepest gratitude to the culture which I reveled in during those two weeks abroad, but that these sounds have flowed with me through endless affection over the past three months: in and out of security, romance, trust in self, trust in Love; emotional oscillations, moments of ecstatic faith and the contrary; yet alas, this must be a curation of hope. Something to archive as a moment of belief and joyous risk-taking, to place in a keepsake box as a fact of a feeling. I believe Love Letters will stay true as they are stored, as much as we are surrounded by them. We give them to one another constantly. The songs herein ride upon the Love Letters I’ve shared as of late, they are themselves Love Letters I offer when I play them for others and Love Letters I receive back when I play them at home. Hear this mix now and return to it when you might doubt our fortitude or simply need to remember the fact. Find it drifting through your head and smile as you stay with innervation. You’re going to feel anyway.

Gay Felony
Recorded in Rampart Village, Los Angeles on Friday, December 29th 2023 using two critical-condition-disrepair Technics 1200mkIIs outfitted with Ortofon Night Club S cartridges routed into a Rane Empath Rotary mixer.