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OBEY Records Ep. 35 Fink+Forty



For almost a year, once a week, old-time buddies Fin Greenall aka Fink and Sven Fortmann aka Forty meet in the studio for an hour to marvel at music old, new and borrowed. The result then can be heard Monday night at 9pm on KCRW via The Fink + Forty Show. Even though both share a common past as club DJs, they got rid of the classic DJ mix format in order to deliver a collage of music that feels as if it has fallen out of time in the best possible way instead - something which feels closer to the vibe of their popular radio show.

Fink is known as a festival headlining singer/songwriter and producer. His latest album “Bloom Innocent - Acoustic“ was just released on R’COUP’D.

Forty is known best as the editor in chief of the highly influential Lodown Magazine and one part of creative office Brand New History.