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OBEY Records Ep 3: Dirty Merlin

OBEY Records Ep 3: Dirty Merlin

Benson Edles aka Dirty Merlin founder of the Long Beach, CA natives GRN+GLD west coast garage beats, spells and lies. Dirty Merlin has made a name for himself not just because of his talent, Coachella 2018 alumni or placing 2nd at Beat Cinema's Beat Battle but because of what he's done for the community of Orange County and City of Long Beach. His good taste of music has shown through out the years of their residency at a local bar Que Sera Long Beach, every 2nd Thursday of the month you might catch performances by Mndgsn, Crimewave 5150, Corbo, Lojii, Swarvy, Pink Siifu, Mu., Free the Robots and many more. Dirty Merlin's love for the underground culture is not just with music, he also is one of the founders of OC zine fest. Benson has shown genuine love for the underground culture and supports in so many ways. If your in LA, Long Beach, OC area you probably will see him at one of the shows performing or hangin out. 

This mix is a glimpse of Benson's music selections and some personal music of his. If you want to hear more Dirty Merlin you can visit:

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