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OBEY RECORDS Ep 27: Dj Bowlcut

We tend to absorb everything around us in our teens and our 20s in search for our own identity. We then hold on what we recognize as our own and idiosyncrasies during what is known as the “Reminiscence Bump.” Those experiences and memories stay with us for a long time. Just like how some of us, who were obsessed with heavy metal, wore Chuck Taylor All Star high tops after listening to “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath on Bae Cheolsus Music Camp, fans of East Coast rap will yell… “Cash Rules Everything Around Me!” at the mere sight of that classic shade of Wu-Tang yellow.

The 27TH artist featured on OBEY Records Korea is DJ Bowlcut, whom in his reminiscence bump, played his favorite tunes on RealPlayer via a DSL modem connection. He’d them record them on cassette tapes and play them back-to-back. DJ Bowlcut made his debut as a turntablist soon after and is now operating an online platform for the Korean underground scene, which brings up younger DJs to the forefront. Bowlcut shares the music and mediums that have led to the height of his reminiscence bump.

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