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It has been non stop the past few days, working on murals, the gallery and everything in-between. Shepard and the crew have been battling some random ass weather, but making good progress. I’ll get right to it and give you some visuals of whats been going down in Motown.

Shep getting ready to go 200 feet up. Day 1 weather report – 85 degrees and humid as shit.

view from down below

took a quick walk about to get a feel for the city.

Im obsessed with this old train station

That being said I decided to hop on the people moving and tour downtown and try to get some shots of the mural.

there it is

Back down #thebelt Pose Msk and Sam Friedman were working on their murals to add to the collection of insane art surrounding ally


some of Shep’s pasted panels being installed

Even John Varvatos had to get a shot in front of sheps piece.

Back towards the mural

Quick portrait shoot happening by Tommy Garcia

The weather took a little turn and we had a little mishap with his umbrella.

 look at that gracefully covering of my camera. Like an all state running back getting in the end zone 

Back to the roof to grab a couple shots before the sunset and it was a doozy!

Shep admiring the view

We wrapped up in perfect timing as a lightning storm powered through and by some random ass luck, I was able to snap this shot.

More on the mural tomorrow. Stay tuned!