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So part II of this Detroit fiasco, I’ll be covering the end of The Belt mural and give you a glimpse in The LSC Gallery and a little taste of the ridiculously massive mural. The weather has been all over the place. Hot, rainy, humid, then cold back to hot mix in some lightning and more rain and that should sum it up. Lucky it hasn’t held up any progress on either of the murals or any walk abouts for myself. Enough boomhowering and on to some action.

I’ll lead in with some breathtaking views ( thanks Nic ) and vibe of downtown.

Back to The Belt. Shep and his old friend Shades

one down

Quick view into the gallery space. More on this on my next post!

Taking it back with some pasted panels for display during the opening

Besides all the OBEY action going on, some other artist have been busy getting up in the city. I’ll be covering more throughout the week, but I’ll start with the Spaniard Aryz

I’ll follow up with more soon, but for now I’ll leave ya’ll with a glimpse of the beast!

 Furlong in Detroit – OUT!