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I’m going to be short on the verbiage and get straight to the visuals. After the mural, Shep and the crew as usual kept jamming as much as possible. Heres a look at the rest of our time in Munich before hopping on a train to Berlin. More to come tomorrow.

Nice building owner giving us this spot. very neeiiiccceee!


Beer gardens are out of control here!

The next day Shepard had a quick interview and the Major of Munich came by to chat and thank Shep for putting up this mural.

The last day we took a quick walk about to check out the city and see some art that had popped up! This dude was straight chilling

They love Michael Jackson almost as much as the HOFF!

Some sighting before we hit the train. Dennis really had to shit in this picture.

got to watch the cops slam into some poor old dude. Reminded me of Clark Griswold hitting that biker in European vacation and them being so damn friendly about it.

Berlin we go!

Info on whats going down this week.

I’m pleased to be showing works alongside my friends Cyrcle, D*Face, and others for Urban Nations: Project M/8 “Freedom” show. If you’re in Berlin, be sure to stop by opening reception this Saturday June 20th from 7-10pm! Click more below to see the flyer / info.

In addition, I will be joining artists from this show for a panel discussion on “The Impact of Urban Art In Inner City Environments” in Berlin Mitte on Friday June 19th. Get the details HERE!


– Furlong out