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OBEY + BLANDA Collection & NYC Launch Party

We’re very excited to launch our fall artist series with Blanda Eggenschwiller, a New York City based graphic designer and illustrator. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland her style combines collage, printmaking and drawing into a singular expression of feminine form. She draws inspiration from a variety of influences, such as Julie Verhoeven, Tibor Kalman, James Victore, Louise Fili and Martin Kippenberger. Her work merges these inspirations with her Swiss background and the visual stimulation of her daily life in New York City. She currently works as an art director at The New York Times.

The collection features three t-shirt graphics and three jewelry pieces. Blanda describes the inspiration for the collection as, “A collage-based approach to encapsulating the female figure through form (photorealistic images) and content (newspaper article that speak to the femininity of my subject matter). I like the work to reflect the visual hodgepodge of New York City itself, to make sense out of something that is non-sensical. I was playing with opposites and contradiction, the duality between things like politics and fashion, order and chaos, reality and fantasy”.

Read more of the interview with Blanda here.

Shop OBEY + BLANDA collection here.


If you’re in the NYC area, the launch party will be held on Sept. 13th at the Bowery Hotel at 9 pm. Stop by to meet Blanda and see the collection. More info here.