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OBEY Awareness Fire Island Collection


We are launching our latest OBEY Awareness campaign in support of gay rights. A local fundraising idea by FiveEightThree, an OBEY Clothing retailer on Fire Island, NY, turned into an international effort aimed at raising funds and awareness for the LGBTQ rights movement.

The capsule is comprised of a line of T-shirts offered in multiple color ways offered in both men’s and women’s silhouettes. The illustration was created by Shepard Fairey, founder of OBEY, representing the lighthouse from Fire Island, a haven for the LGBTQ community since the 1930’s. The typography surrounding the graphic states “Gay Rights Are Human Rights”, messaging of support to the community. While concept-ing the project, we wanted to focus on struggles that often plague LGBTQ youth. OBEY Awareness is committed to giving back to the community and the profits from the capsule will be going to multiple LGBTQ 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. The collection officially launches on June 21st, and will be available at all flagship stores,, and other fine retailers worldwide.

OBEY Clothing will be launching the project with a fundraising party in conjunction with FiveEightThree at The Island Mermaid on Friday, June 21st, 2019. Music by Caitlin Bell, Jake Keenan and DJ Just Joe. Profits from the event will go to Pride For Youth.

Obey Awareness was founded in 2007 as a way to educate and fundraise for causes and organizations Obey supports. It is a unique program in that it constantly evolves to support important emerging issues and organizations. Each season the OBEY Clothing line features dedicated product to raise funds for these causes. All profits generated from the sale of OBEY awareness product are donated to the cause at hand. We encourage you to learn more and make a difference.