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OBEY Art Space: Taze Pop-Up

As an artist-based brand, the do-it-yourself mentality is in our DNA. We believe in supporting young individuals who create, connect and take opportunities when they arise.

Taze and his friends from baccyardboys recognised being surrounded by talented humans and wanted to grant them an opportunity to exhibit their hard work. With the OBEY Art Space as his playground, he fused together a pop up filled with a diverse group of talents; art, music and clothing. We were proud to see the work of Brandon Senders, Jet, Tresor and Michelle Bergwijn in the Art Space alongside clothing collections by Tears, Tears of Joy, Boulevard and Isak Douah.

Taze commenced the pop-up weekend with a wild opening party backed by many dj talents. Thanks to Zeger, Folake, Yentzyz and Styn for the great evening. After calling it a night, the party went on at kanaal40.

 Pictures by: @dayswithfay_ @munaychaz @log.of.p