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Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.
Free ground shipping on all orders over $45.


Friends of OBEY Clothing,

We are so sorry to announce that we will not be having our annual holiday warehouse sale. We love these sales just as much as all of you do, because it is a great time to meet everyone, and give great deals to the people that have helped make OBEY.

There are many reasons why we have had to cancel the sale this month, including inventory levels too low to even accommodate our warehouse sale customers. Fortunately we are planning on having another sale sometime between April and June, and we will try to notify all of you well in advance of that sale date.

We want to thank you all for helping OBEY throughout the years. We look forward to seeing all of you at next sale and the insanity that will undoubtedly ensue.

Now go out there and enjoy those holidays-

The OBEY Posse