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New Maze (BR) Shop

A few months back, Tony A and I had some fun times in Sao Paulo.. ‘member ? I couldn’t tell you what we were doing then, because I didn’t even know what I was doing there. Imagine me, big ROAM dog, in Sao Paulo, Brazil… not knowing what’s been done or what was around the corner for me to not know what we were going to do… [i really hope I’m confusing u..]

However, Persio Tagawa and the Maze crew knew what were doing… You sneeky guys !!! A few weeks back, Persio reported back on the success of their new shop launch. I promised to post, since the wall that Tony and I did, is now on display at their new location – across the street from the old Augusta location !!! Here are some photo of the shop..

There’s Persio… riggity rapping like he always does… Great Job Mate !!!

(bravo to the Maze staff as well. Good luck peoples !!!)