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Michael Alig's Inside Out

Gallery Castle Fitzjohns presents Michael Alig`s “Inside Out – an outsiders perspective from the inside.”

This collection of work from infamous “Club Kid” Michael Alig, is part of a body of work created while serving a 17 year jail sentence for Manslaughter. Alig, a lifelong artist and writer used painting as an outlet in jail to literally keep him alive, helping him to beat drug addiction and allay thoughts of suicide. He was so passionate about his art that even when materials were taken away from him he would use anything he could lay hands on, as you can see in “Zombie girl on a shower curtain”.

His style, heavily influenced by Warhol, uses bright colors and strong imagery to portray messages of hypocritical dichotomy in popular culture.

A popular theme is a satirical dig at the pharmaceutical industry, often using famous characters from the “scene” in imaginary ad campaigns, as well as portraying overly medicated children as zombies.

This girl gave me a little glimpse of what a visual feast it must have been back in the days where those partys were alive!

Vincent, the Gallery owener, with Michael Alig

Michael currently teaches art at a substance abuse center and continues to develop work for upcoming shows and a book.

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– Noëmi