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Hey Friends, it’s your old pal ROAM, broadcasting live at the ol’ Grand Royal Studios in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California, USA, North America, Earth. Happy to reconnect with my OBEY family… I’ve been missing uuu. I’ll be here on the regs, posting random music and art stuff that I’ve been digging lately, AND more importantly announcing some new stuff that Shep, Pube$ and I got cooking for 2016.

In the late 90’s – early 00’s, I always gravitated towards the IDM/Downtempo section (or bin) of every record store. Within that section was a handful of UK broken beat records from ABB Recordings and Tru Thoughts. An artist synonymous with those labels is Mark de Clive Lowe, and I was able to catch up with him this week to discuss his event this Sunday, featuring a new remix track of Yusef Lateef’s 1957 track “Love & Humor.”



Yusef Lateef – Love & Humor (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix)

Yusef Lateef was a trail-blazing pioneer blending jazz and eastern music. His NY Times obituary got straight to the point, saying he “played world music before world music had a name” – no small feat. A sax and flute man first and foremost, Lateef also played more exotic instruments such as the bamboo flute, shanai, shofar, xun, arghul and koto. One of the great unsung heroes of improvised music, he inspired the eastern music explorations of the iconic John Coltrane and recorded his own albums over six consecutive decades.

Yusef Lateef’s 1957 track “Love & Humor” gets reimagined, a half century after it was recorded, by multi-hyphenate musician-producer-DJ Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL). In the spirit of his CHURCH parties (and album by the same name), MdCL edits and samples the Lateef original, interpolating it with his own piano, synths, bass line and drum breaks to create an exotic soundscape perfect for some far away city night.





Mark de Clive-Lowe’s


Valentine’s Day Grammy Edition

Sunday 14 February – 9pm til late

with guests + DJ Sean O

@ Del Monte Speakeasy

Musical polymath Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL) presents CHURCH – a mash up the old school jazz club and the live electronic dance party. MdCL hosts a night rich full of sounds for the listeners, the dancers and the curious. From behind his keyboards, drum machines, samplers and toys, MdCL leads the band and orchestrates a night of spontaneously remixed genres, from jazz to hip hop, house to bass music – created, performed and remixed live on stage in the moment.

CHURCH has featured a who’s who of guests from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson to Jose James, on the spot cameos by the likes of Chris Dave and Greg Hutchinson, guest DJs from Questlove to the Gaslamp Killer – you never quite know who is going to be joining in as musicality gets mixed live on stage.

On the eve of the Grammy Awards 2016 (and on Valentine’s Day Night) come join us for a night of great music and plenty of unexpected moments.

$10 presales / $15 at the door / 9pm til late