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London Part III

More long days, but the sun has been out and the brisk bone chilling air is awesome. Especially when your outside all day =) From where I left off last – Shepard and the crew had one more stencil to add to the Old Truman brewery piece before we could head over and start on the next mural.

you can never have enough stickers in the world

Bateman’s Row begins

The crowds / fans starting cruising through in waves to view the on going masterpiece. Only down side of this spot of we had to move the cherry pickers every time a car came by. There was a lot of unhappy motorists when “stone wall” was up on the lift. He made them earn it to get through.

No matter how busy Shepard was working on the wall, he always took the time to greet and sign autographs / pictures for his fans.


now back to work

day one was a wrap, ran into a couple of these on the way back to the flat

another long day starts, but atleast the suns out

all complete

before heading home Shep was offered to stencil up on a wall over on Leonard st.

day # whatever is over. Starting on the gallery prep / install tomorrow and throughout the week

update coming on thursday, goodbye for now