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In a world of mediocrity #LIVINGROOMTODAY brings a new user experience for music, art, and social advocates around the world. Presenting a fully collaborative platform for the viewer and artist. Hailed as “the new wave of the underground” by Vice’s NOISEY, the team at #LIVINGROOMTODAY is pushing the envelop on what can be done in a fully connected world.

Earlier this month I attended the Los Angeles portion of #LIVINGROOMTODAY held on a yacht, which featured a live set from KARMEN. Simultaneously the other shows went on in New York City, Tokyo, and online.

“We don’t want people to come as they are rather than we want them to come as how they want to be. #LIVINGROOMTODAY is a space for reinventing the self – recycling. That is what the Internet is all about, we use different platforms for the manifestation of different ‘selves’ – whether people know this or not.” SAINT MICHAEL (Creator of #LIVINGROOMTODAY)


“#LIVINGROOMTODAY is the exploration of connection utilizing new forms of technology to bring people from ANYWHERE together by creating a portal into a virtual room that anyone can exist in. Every show happens LIVE at multiple locations around the world. For example we’ll have an artist perform from Japan, which everyone can watch together at every location, following their performance an artist from LONDON will play and so on. The show is happening throughout the world at one time, and most importantly the AUDIENCE is able to watch each performance at once on line, and are able to communicate and participate. The online community feels the energy from the party because of our attention to connectivity in every way possible. If one is online during the performance, they can see the party and those connected, they can hear in real time the live performances, and talk to people that are also connected, which creates an all encompassing experience even from behind a computer screen. One is present at the show, there is no separation, it is simply another dimension.”

“This most recent show happened LIVE at the SIXTY HOTEL in the Lower East Side of NYC, live in Tokyo at The Musashino Art Museum, and on a yacht off the coast of Malibu, California. Every show we pay specific attention to exploring new and exciting venues, no two shows are the same.”

” My hope is that as we move forward into a more tech based world, livingroom will be there to help keep the internet a tool for collaboration and connection with others to create together. The future of livingroom is exploring the idea that we can now be everywhere and anywhere together, and that is the most beautiful thing. There is no need to BE anywhere, instead more time to concentrate on creating pure work.”

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