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We are getting ready to release a collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. The collaboration started when OBEY had the privilege of looking through the Haring archives. They were able to draw inspiration in addition to select images of iconic and lesser-known Haring works. The purpose was to blend past and present, to bring to light Haring’s work to a new audience as well as satisfy existing fans with product designed with a new perspective. The men’s collection looked at items that would have been available to The Pop Shop, Haring’s store in the 1980’s. OBEY men’s designer, Mike Ternosky, considered the manufacturing methods Haring would have had available at the time for The Pop Shop as well as styles that would translate well today. The designers also wanted to bring authenticity, going as far as using printing techniques to emulate some of the chalk drawings Haring was known for in the subways of New York. The women’s collection drew inspiration from The Pop Shop also. Vintage-feeling fabrics were washed down for an old, faded, worn-in look, and the military BDU jacket was made in a silhouette similar to one Keith wore while painting. To round the collection off, also included is Shepard’s illustration of Haring based on the iconic photo by Patrick McMullan.



The OBEY x Keith Haring collection will be available in late June at Urban Outfitters and in July in fine retailers around the world and at .