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Just Another Day

Last week, I was fortunate enough to get out from behind the desk ( or the studio ) and head into LA for a couple meetings and some friendly visits with Shepard and other playas around town. Although I can’t show you much of certain stops, here’s a little glimpse into the day.

First stop – Le Deuce

If you’ve seen previous posts from the deuce, you may have noticed all the stencils and textures I shoot. Well this is my normal routine while I’m hanging with the dudes. Digging for days!! Thanks for the glorious shot @nkb_bluecollar

Next stop I went to meet up with Pubes and Patrick Rocha over in Pasadena. Patrick designed our Summer 15 artist series tees, so we got to check out his studio / home and conduct a little interview. I can’t show you much from here, but his feature will be out soon.

Finally done and it being rush hour in LA, I figured to hit the streets and do the usual hunt for some beautiful paste ups.


– Furlong