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Interview with Hunny the Band

Last week we introduced you to a rad new up and coming band out of Los Angeles called Hunny. Though the Southern California six-piece was formed in early 2014, they are just now starting to make big waves in LA the music ocean. I recently met up with the band at their last LA show for Bardot’s “School Night” right before leaving for a month long U.S. tour with The Neighbourhood and Bad Suns. Sat down and chatted with the lead singer about how the band formed, their influences, favorite Pokemon, and their plans for the rest of this year. Check out the hilarious conversation below..

So how long have you guys been playing as Hunny?
Just about a year now since we solidified the line-up. All nine guitars and shit.

What initially brought you guys all together to start this band? Did you all grow up playing together?

Crazy story actually. We all met in 1973 at the battle of little bighorn. The Ottowa winter was brutal and we all found ourselves huddled in Jake’s NASA space blanket. the rest, as they say, is history.

You guys all have a very nostalgic aesthetic to your style musically and fashionably. Where/who do you draw your influence from?

Musically, just all the shit we grew up with and into. Whether it was the tunes that our parents were always playing when we were kids or the bands that changed who we were in like high school, it’s safe to say we take a little bit from anything dope all the time. before my parents got divorced when i went into high school and i was able to milk an ipod nano out of it, I always had my older brothers cassette walkman. The three tapes I always had with me were the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure soundtrack, Nevermind, and The Division Bell by Pink Floyd. I think that says a lot about my musical preference. As far as fashion goes, we look to bullies from nineties kid’s movies. Those dudes always have the best steez.




What Obey men’s pieces really speak to you and how does it fit your style?

The best thing to me about all the men’s Obey stuff is how classic and well made everything is. All the styles every season are timeless. I’ve got some Obey button-ups that i’ve had for years that i can still rock with anything. Obey pieces are built to last too. A couple of us used to work at Active Rideshop and the Obey section was always where we’d point mom’s who were tired of getting their kids new pants every month.


Top 5 favorite artists off the top of your head? (musicians, artists, actors, etc)

I’m in the middle of a Picasso renaissance right now so i’ll throw him on there. Listing four more general artists is too hard so I’m gonna give the last four spots to Youtube sensation Edarem.



You’ve just announced your next tour with The Neighbourhood and Bad Suns. Seems like yall come from the same circle of friends which makes for such an awesome energy at the shows. How did that tour come about?


We’re all bffs but we’re gonna be trying to show each other up every night so it should be a good time. We’ve been dreaming this tour up in different ways with all our old bands for years now. It’s the thing that we’ve always talked about like “Wouldn’t it be nuts if this all actually worked out?”

When can we expect to hear new music? Do you have an EP or LP on the way? Any more music videos?

We just got out of the studio last month so now we’re just playing the waiting game between mixing and mastering and making the art and even picking a label as we’re still unsigned. We’re cutting it pretty close but we’re confident enough in getting something out by the time the tour rolls around. music videos are hella fun. We plan on making a lot more hopefully sooner than later.


Do you have any plans of collaborating with The Neighbourhood or Bad Suns in the future?

We have a lot of terrible inside jokes. Does that count? We’re friends and i’d like to tour with them as much as we can. We’re always doing shit and making music with each other so something’s bound to come up sometime. Maybe we do a three-way cover of an N’SYNC song on this tour or hopefully we all end up doing a “We are the world” type thing eventually. I’d be hella down for that.


Tupac or Biggie?

We’re going with the big poppa.
Favorite gameboy video game?
Red/blue/yellow pokemon, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, Super Mario Land 2 and an honorable mention to Warioware for all the new schoolerz.
Spirit Animal?
Not into the whole spirit animal thing. I did have a hippie camp counselor once tell me that mine was a bat, which is pretty chill. I’m gonna give everyone else in my band pet rocks as spirit animals.

Spirit Pokemon?

Tangela is hella cool. He’s got those red sneaker feet. This question is hard.

Any shoutouts?

I already got Edarem out of the way so not really. Save the humans, the truth is out there, jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, etc.



You can check out more of Hunny on their social medias and website: