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Interpol is one of Shep’s favorite bands to come out in the last few years, and he approached Paul Banks, the singer, after a show a few years ago and told him he was a big fan and offered to do some artwork for them. They became friends, and eventually Paul called Shepard and said that Interpol was releasing a new record, and to promote the release they didn’t just want to throw a party, they wanted to have art spaces, and they wanted him to create artwork and curate the spaces. Shep shot some photos of the bands and borrowed some photos from them, then re-illustrated all of it and made mixed-media pieces that combined his drawings with the original photos, and finally deconstructed everything by showing the photos and the process along with the new pieces.

“We just completed the LA version of the Interpol collaboration in Echo Park. It’s great timing since, like many of you, I’m going to see them this weekend at Coachella. There’s also a 7-inch coming out that we worked on together for Record Store Day, coming up on April 18. Support your local record shop and pick it up. We’ll be selling 150 of the 7-inches releasing on April 28 so if you can’t find it in a shop, check our website. More will be posting soon, thanks as always for caring!”

For all you collectors out there, the 7-inch album cover is a super matte finish that makes the imagery pop.

Combined with the Interpol Mural and Record Store Day 7-inch, Shepard simultaneously designed this Limited Edition ‘Interpolation’ Tee. Make sure to pick one up this weekend at Coachella or your local tour stop. Can’t make it out? Order your shirt via Interpol’s webstore or Obey before they’re gone!