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How to Coachella

From the rainbow-colored lights on the palm trees to the delicious Korean bbq served at the Kogi truck, this was an amazing festival experience! A place where guys in penguin suits dance with ladies with flowers in their hair and neon paint on their skin.

Here is what I learned this past weekend. Some suggestions of how to properly coachella, if you will:

1. Don’t go in too soon! Hang out during the day and relax. The bands you really want to see won’t be on until the late afternoon anyway. You will be worn out by the time the headliners go on if you spend all day stomping around the festival area in the burning heat!

2. Bring suntan lotion and a blanket! You are in the desert, after all! It’s pretty effing hot during the day and really cold once the sun sets. And while you are at it, pack a bandana too. While I was still laughing at all the bandana-faced festival goers at first I really wished I had brought something to cover my face with when that sand storm hit on day three.

3. Find a meeting point. There is no way your group of 10 friends won’t split up at some point and it is like back in 1999 out here, when nobody had a cell phone because service sucks.

Highlights? Well, R.kelly performing with phoenix, obviously! Band of horses, major lazer and a pair of heart shaped glasses that I was gifted at the Guess party on day two.

One of my favorite performers of the weekend was Alllen Stone! Check out “Unaware” from his self-titled debut album.

Allen Stone, Live From His Mother’s Living Room

See ya next year, Coachella… we will be back!