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Honest Abe

Last week I visited Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa for an epic opening show featuring Ryan “RYCA” Callanan and Kazuhiro Tsuji. This show was pure visual greatness, RYCA brought his unique style and take on Star Wars characters with Religious and cultural nods used through sculptures and paintings of Storm Troopers. The opposite side of the room showcased his work on beautiful glass encasing bright painted inlays, each one referencing some of the greatest hooks to come out of Hip hop. Tsuji brought a jaw dropping hyperrealistic sculpture of Abe Lincoln, you have to see it to believe it. I stood there for over thirty minutes taking in each detail. Tsuji has worked on major films such as Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Planet of the Apes, his work speaks for itself.
The show runs until July 25, 2015.

DAX Gallery
2951 Randolph Ave, Costa Mesa CA 92626

-Stay Trippy