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GIANT nails.

Every time I get my nails done, I can never settle with a template from a magazine. The toughest seasons are always Spring and Summer because all the nail designs are pastel colored with flowers and cute shit. I…. don’t do that. My nails typically follow a certain criteria of two things: dark and dangerous.

I have always been obsessed with anything chicano related, and/or gang influenced. The culture absolutely fascinates me and I find the artwork associated with it to be one of the most beautiful tattoo styles. With that, I’ve always been a major fan of Mike Giant’s art. I cruised several different pieces of his, and landed on a Mike Giant x Tom Gilmour print, and I basically went nuts from there.

I chose the two chiefs, the knife, the gun, and cut the sun’s face in half on my thumbs. I then had my nail artist add a layer of foiled roses on top of a few, sprinkled in some gold studs and ended with some dolla dolla bill signs. Yes, they are seriously sharp and lethal, but they have comical spins of nonsense. 🙂

Some of the other pieces that inspired me were these lovely ladies

With two and a half hours to kill, I started getting curious in collaborations Shepard may have worked on with Mike Giant. I saw a couple prints between the two from back in 05 on ObeyGiant. While Mr. Mike Giant is off and galavanting with Rebel8, it doesn’t surprise me that he and Shep worked together long before that. Check these out:

& there you have it. Giant vs Giant. Held back in the day at Voice 1156 Gallery in SD. You can read and see more here.

For more on the claws, see weapons of choice.