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Friday Film Feels Vol. 8

Twice a year the worldwide OBEY posse gathers somewhere in Southern California for our bi-annual sales meeting and this time besides hanging out in LA and hanging out with new an old friends a bunch of us treated ourselves to a nice trip to a shabby little place called Palm Springs. It was my first time there and as much as I love Los Angeles I kept asking myself the question why in all these years of visiting I had never went to the desert before. Joshua Tree and the desert in general are beautiful and I like the general weird vibe in the whole area, but Palm Springs just blew my mind. The mid century architecture with it’s amazing color pallet and you can feel past glory of the 60’s that haunts the town in the best way possible. I’m not sure if the pool or the cocktails had anything to do with it, but it was one of best times I have ever had and it was great to see everyone and in the words of the almighty Spicy P; feel the (positive) energy. Thanks everyone, I love you all!