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Fashion week '23 Berlin

From the beginning, Berlin-based designer Judith Bondy has placed great value on the exchange and cooperation with other artists in order to develop joint collection parts.
Through these collaborations, new inspirations flow into the design language and the creative process and are subject to constant change. In the current METANOIA collection, which she presented in September 2022 as part of Berlin Fashion Week, she worked together with the digital artist 11v151131_m06.

Since 2012 11v151131_m06's research has focused on computer-generated images. 11v151131_M06 has collaborated with artists such as Pauline Oliveros, John Zorn, Yoshida Tatsuya and William Winant. He is currently researching concepts surrounding ancient futurism and the occult using artificial intelligence technology. His dark aesthetics and interest in fashion can be found in BONDY's collections, making him the ideal collaboration partner.

BONDY stands for unique fashion with no limits. To test and push the boundaries of couture, the label turns to streetwear this year.

For Berlin Fashion Week 2023, Bondy teamed up with OBEY, we made our Space in Berlin available as a presentation area.