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Family Jams is a ten week concert series taking place this summer in various locations between Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Aside from the basic principle of creating special showcases for the masses in the greater Southern California area, the intention behind this series is simple; to provide a place for friends to congregate and showcase new material to one another. Each lineup has been meticulously curated by our staff at Tender Zones and features an eclectic mix of long time musical colleagues and extended brethren and sistren alike.

Southern California's reputation for having a strong community of like minded artists is something that sets us apart from many other regions on a grand level. Though there is a huge support system among fellow artists out here (whether online or through more personal avenues); life, work, family life, momentary bouts of hardship, etc. can end up physically keeping said colleagues from being able to congregate together like they used to. This is where we've stepped in and given artists the platform to play a show with "all the homies" again.. just like old times. Consider this a family reunion of sorts.. and as well, an introduction to new family. A chance to build new bonds and to strengthen bonds that are already so deeply embedded.

All attendees at our first show will be able to purchase a Tender Zones membership card which will grant free access to the entire summer series, and also grant access to future members only soirées/provide discounts at our pop up shop events. A limited amount of tour tees will be available as well, courtesy of Obey Clothing. Furthermore, a wide array of boutique music memorabilia and clothing will be available for sale throughout this series as well.