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Emerging Artist of the week: Quigley


Meet Quigley: a one woman electro-pop act from Minneapolis, Minnesota. With roots planted firm in the Midwest, it’s no surprise Quigley credits Prince as one of her idols. “There are a lot of amazing musicians from Minneapolis that I look up to,” says Quigley, “From Prince to Polica, I think growing up in Minnesota really shaped who I am as an artist.” However, that doesn’t mean Quigley’s influences are strictly limited to this side of the pond. She also credits a handful of female Brits like the Spice Girls, Kate Bush, and Imogen Heap for shaping her unwavering love of pop melodies, her inclination towards experimental vocals, and brave production work.


Credit: Emily Winiker


Quigley takes pride in her ability to write a good song, but takes even more pride in being able to produce one. If you ask her about her art, she will tell you how surprising she feels it is that more women in the industry are not producers. “I love mashing my vocals and quirky synthesizers together and then sampling them to create completely original sounds,” says Quigley. “No one can slow you down if you can make your own music in your bedroom. There’s no end to what one person and their laptop can create.”




Quigley’s EP, Initium (2015), is a display of that unlimited soundscape. Written and produced by Quigley, ‘Initium” is a body of work that clearly exhibits her pop sensibility. Each song has catchy hooks of chopped up vocal samples that will get superglued to your subconscience, and dreamy synth melodies that will transport you into your very own dance party… in your head.

You can check out more of Quigley on her social medias and website: