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Emerging Artist of the week: Mystery Skulls


I recently caught up with a very talented up and coming artist named Luis Dubuc at his artist compound loft in Highland Park, California and talked a bit about his current project Mystery Skulls. For those of you who haven’t heard of him yet, his music has just gone global and he’s about be the next dance producer everybody will be talking about. He’s already collaborated with Nile Rogers and Brandy, Charted 15 on billboard with his jam “Ghost”, and has toured more cities and has played more festivals then you can probably name. Currently working on his second record with Warner Bros. Records, he’s been hiding away perfecting his craft while experimenting with new musical instruments, diving back into the classics that he grew up on, and disconnecting himself from what he calls the “black mirror” to avoid any distractions from his creativity. I spent the day hanging out with Luis sharing new music, spinning tunes on his insanely cool Serato controller , and jamming on his Mellotron and Korg MS-20 synthesizer and we also a bit about him as an individual artists and what it’s like being an artist today. Check out the conversation below:


How long have you been producing music as Mystery

I started in 2011 living in Dallas Tx at the time. I moved to LA a year later and have been here ever since.

I know you’ve done some pretty extensive touring and have traveled all around the globe. Do you find it harder to get a crowd hyped here in LA as opposed to other cities across the country?

Los Angeles is my favorite place to do shows period. The people here are up on everything and more open minded than some other places.



How was your recent Spain trip?
Spain was excellent! The standout from that tour was headlining Razzmatazz in Barcelona.

That’s sounds pretty fun. So speaking of other artists, who have been some major influences when it comes to writing music? Do you have any recently new influences that we can expect to hear in your future works?

I listen to literally every genre of music so some random stuff comes through some times. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of soundtracks and that has been really inspiring.



You’ve worked with such legends as Brandy and Nile Rodgers, that’s pretty dope. Who else have you collaborated with in the past? Do you have any upcoming collaborations you’re excited about?

Man those were the first super real collaborations I had done up until then, but since then I worked on a Kimbra tune that was on her record called “miracles” . Personally, I would love to work with Ghostface on a record.

That would be epic. His voice is amazing on anything. So how would you describe your style?

My songs are electronic and funky.

What’s your favorite comic book character?

Dr Manhattan probably. Or Garth Ennis’ Punisher.


Favorite video game would have to be Super Ghouls N ghosts on SNES.



Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Ghostface, Ginuwine

What’s your guilty pleasure song right now?

QT- Hey QT

Nice. Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to all my people around the world!


You can check out more of Mystery Skulls on his social medias and websites: