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Ellie Andrews: Studio Visit

Ellie Andrews is an illustrator, graphic designer, painter, image maker that is based in south London. Her bright pop imagery reminds me of Keith Haring and Eduardo Paolozzi brought into a modern context. Her commercial work is just as impressive as her personal work, a hard balance to strike. Ellie is not restricted by medium or subject, she has even collaborated with photographers without it effecting the way she works as an artist. One of my favorite pieces of her work is a commission for Doolittle magazine, a French childrens magazine (featured below). The range of textures in her work is very inspiring, a true artist!






Ellie is currently working on a publication with photographer Stefy Pocket. Also she has a commission with Urban Outfitters and is coming up with her own t shirt range. So keep on the lookout!
















thanks for having me ellie. Go to her website to check more of her work: