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Over the years, social media has made it easier and easier to discover rad people doing and creating even radder (is that a word?) things. Years ago, I first stumbled upon Bryn Perrott aka Deerjerk’s work via Instagram and have been following her career and pieces of work ever since. Luckily, I’ve been able to commission her to make a few custom pieces for myself and gifts for friends. You got a cat(s)? You need a carving of your cat(s)? This is your girl.

Bryn was born in Pennsylvania, but has lived most of her life in West Virginia, where she currently resides in Morgantown. She describes her aesthetic as “junk store.” She says, “I make such a wide variety of images, but I still see them all together in one place like you would see a variety of objects in a thrift store. I would hope that each of my customers consider their woodcut as precious as a find in an antique store.”

Although Bryn mainly focuses on her wood carvings, she’s been known to throw it down on a variety of formats.

Guitar for her friend Vaughn

Top and Bottom portion of a Skate Deck that hung at the wedding of your’s truly and is now living proudly on my bedroom wall, alongside a cat carving..or two.


Beer Cans

Shirt design with Shirts & Destroy

….aaaaaand the list goes on and on. The best part is, if you’re in the LA area you can check out Bryn’s artwork in person over at Pskaufman Gallery. Details below:

Uprooted strata is the first solo exhibition by Bryn Perrott (deerjerk) on the west coast. Primarily working with wood, uprooted strata expands Bryn’s work to prints, original drawings and limited edition items. Bryn aims to broaden her wood carving to include life-size sculptures and large wall pieces.

Uprooted strata is the inaugural exhibition of the Pskaufman… gallery. The gallery is the newest addition to Pskaufman…’s multi functional secret subterranean space.

Here’s a little peek inside the Uprooted Strata Exhbit:

Follow Deerjerk on Instagram @deerjerk and on Tumblr. Email to commission your own custom carving from Bryn.