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Das 3eck Kollektiv

Not only does a piece of art become a process, an action, an ongoing conference, but the development of society itself shall also be regarded as a plastic process, a piece of art, that free individuals create themselves.”

(Joseph Beuys. We Are the Revolution)

3eck, (dreieck) are a Berlin based collective of skateboarders, artists and craftsmen building objects in a social context, ultimately creating social sculptures which are in constant exchange with their environment. For the last few years, the collective has designed and built various skateboard ramps, stages, furniture and more, in combination with art, music, and film. The biggest project to date, Rampenlicht, was a 3 month long exhibition built inside of an empty swimming pool at Stattbad Wedding, a former public indoor swimming hall that is now one of Berlin’s most influential street art galleries. “The pool was filled with water for almost a century, withstood two World Wars, was destroyed and rebuilt, and has always been a place bursting with life. Each side of the triangular shaped miniramp measured in at 30 feet long with a 20 foot tree installed, and was home to countless skate sessions, concerts, performances, film screenings, and visited by thousands of people from around the world. I was lucky enough to have worked and lived with these dudes during my 3 years in Berlin, being involved with some of the most amazing projects and people I know.


Performance from Danish artist Martine Heuser.

The city’s finest Kraut Rock band, Camera, . 3eck will be collaborating with them next week in Hamburg, building a stage for their tour with Michael Rother from Neu!.


The next project, Die Welle (The Wave), built once again inside the pool in collaboration with the Skateboard Museum being built at Stattbad Wedding.

“The wave as an experienceable object is first of all an oversized skateboard-ramp in the shape of a wave that reminds the spectator of a megaramp. (Considering its maximum altitude of 20 feet, the Waveis probably the biggest indoor skateboard ramp in Europe). Thanks to its conceptual design, however, it can at the same time be skated at a much smaller scale.Therefore the ramp is attactive to both, professional and amateur skateboarders.The Wave also symbolizes a recollection of the skateboard movement’s roots: the first skateboarders were surfers, surfer who were looking for the perfect wave – even outside the water.”

A model of the ramp inside Stattbad, exhibition due to open December 2013. Learn more and follow the progress of this project on the blog DieWelleImWedding.

*All photos from Lars Noll, Tobias Thomas, and Tobias Haussmann.

Ich feier bis ich kotze!!