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After a long day in the office last Friday I drove down to San Diego, CA to meet up with the homies Free the Robots, Gaslamp Killer and Phil Nisco for some analog inspiration at the Drumetrics vinyl release and art show. If you follow the mystery surrounding MRR and the Dirty Drums sound, you know how rare it is to catch a live performance by the Drumetrics collective… and guest performances by the legendary Malcom Catto (Heliocentrics) and Egon (Now Again Records) were the lsd infused cherries to top off the sonically flawless night. Peep some photos below from the night’s journey into the wormhole.

Malcom Catto warm up session before the night started (courtesy of DRB)

A video posted by DRB (@drb_drumetrics) on

Hit & Run holding it down on the press, as always.

I knew it was going to get off to a good start when I walked in to Mophono going nuts on the decks

William Bennussen (GLK) rockin our Dauber Shirt (shameless self promotion)

Danny (DRB) destroying some ridiculous drum breaks

Natalie Clarice (NCP) singing the most amazing Portishead cover to ever grace my ears

I was crouched down and nerding out pretty hard on Marcus Seiji Knaus (MSK) playing an electric Bağlama

The euphony of watching all of these childhood allies vibe out in their hometown for $11 was far greater than any festival you’ve ever attended. Truth.