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Welcome to the ‘Turn Down Tent’ hosted by Juice, the Beat Cinema crew, and friends. If you ever want to get away from the chaos of Coachella without leaving, this is the place to be; No dancing, no requesting, and no turn-up. TDT vibes is about rest, relaxation, mellow tunes, psychedelic visuals, and places to lay your head down and kick your feet up… It’s been our home for the past few days, and my personal favorite tent in the festival. Here’s just a little glimpse of this weekend with Squad 1.

The Camp ground events provide vibes for everyone. If you want turn up, the neighboring Dome goes on till about 5 am as a silent disco. Some of TDT squad, rocked sets back and fourth along with the extended family in the Dome. I ended opening the party Thursday night with some rare dance vibes before the Dem Ham Boyz fam turn up on a 100,000.

Slid through the Do-Over for some pool vibes right quick.. Thanks Jamie + Haycock!

Biiig shout out to Juice for making this happen. Thank you to all the late night troopers who joined us in the camp grounds.. The vibes were amazing, the crew was on point, and the late night pizza was actually kinda good. If you missed it, stay tuned for round 2 next week. Unfortunately I won’t be seeing you then, but it will be going down with a whole new crew for Week 2. Make sure to slide through. Enjoy!

Week 1: * Juice, Major Gape, Lord Beasley, Ron Sleezy, DMM, Versis, Swarvy, Nick Pacoli, Afta-1, Free the Robots + Arti, Sahlil, Dem Ham Boyz, Jimbo Jenkins, some great new friends from Australia to Miami… and other people who stopped by.