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Clock art NYC

On my way home when I walked into Sir Crosby and his friends in front of a Popup Gallery in Bowery street.

They invited me in to show me all the clocks from Sir Crosby.

Inspired by the Surrealist film “Un Chien Andalou”, the act of cutting a selected eye on the chosen iconic face is considered surreal. When looking at the particular iconic face, the “eye of time” is meant to induce an interaction with the figure the person admires. The feeling creates urgency that transcend the experience of time and gives the person reason to continue the long day ahead. Attracted to the gold dials of dollar clocks he randomly found in a 99 cent store, he started taking them apart for the pieces inside called “movements”. The very movement he now imports from his mothers homeland of England, to connect the old with the new. ClockWork Cros has become a timeless figure that creates motivation through thoughts of recurring experiences and personal associations. Picture a moment in your life when you had Deja Vu, you can imagine the feeling the work introduces when searching for “time”.

my favorite Frida Kahlo, which he gave me as a present in the end 🙂 great for a Bday present!!

check out his homepage and instagram @clockworkscros


– Noëmi