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Checking in With Pinky Taylor

The other day after work I stopped by my friend Pinky Taylor’s house to catch up with him and chat about his upcoming show at the artwalk in Huntington Beach, July 18th. Just to give a little background, Pinky was born and raised in South Africa, where at an early agehe was noticed amongst his fellow students for his outstanding creativity and art skills. At age eight, his portrait was chosen to be displayed in an exhibition in Japan and his art career was consequently catapulted from there. Ten years ago his band in South Africa was signed to a record label in Los Angeles and so began his life here in Southern California. After the band separated, Pinky returned his focus to the main outlet for his creativity, art.


10X10 X Pinky Taylor – Extended Version from 10×10 Gallery on Vimeo.

One glimpse of his dark mattered objects contrasted in vibrant colors, and you know it’s a Pinky original. Looking at the most current piece hanging over his tapestry covered couch, you can see he is forging into a new territory; separating from his identifiable pop art style and moving intoa darker, contemporary, abstract direction.

To see all of the extensions of Pinky Taylor in his many forms of art (painting, sculptures, vidoes,photography, collaging, and any other object which he can turn to art) check out his Instagram at PinkyTaylor, Vine at PinkyTaylor, his website at and And ifyou happen to find yourself creeping around Huntington Beach on July 18th swing by the Shorebreak hotel to met the man himself and check outsome of his newest creations.

creep on creepin on

-K. Howe