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C.M. Ruiz art show & Fungi Girl

CMRTYZ is presenting a show at Land Management in Seattle. Fungi Girl is an ongoing series of psychedelic adventure zines and art pieces created by C.M. Ruiz about a girl who, after a dose of strong psychedelic mushrooms, descends into a world created by her own altered brain chemistry. Started as a way to veer from personal comics which were more simple in their representation, Fungi Girl became an exercise in more detailed drawings if you combined elements of The Legend Of Zelda and vibe of The Flaming Lips. Mixing the influences of 60s pop art, 90s druggy grunge imagery, and pop culture manufactured sweetness the art will feature original Ruiz photography xeroxed into psychedelic landscape editorials as well as a select few sculptural installations. Drop acid, not bombs. “Fungi Girl” will feature a brand new zine, sculpture and all new pieces! Opening reception will be March 1, 2013 at 7:00pm –

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