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Bury Me a G- Remembering Tupac

It’s Tupac’s birthday today, and I had to pay tribute to him on behalf Obey as well as the millions of people he inspired. I couldn’t think of a better way than to post some of my favorite songs of his, and remind everyone what a legend he was.

Tupac came into my life when my brother had to drive me around, and I still had a CD player in my backpack. I was surrounded by a lot of gangster asian hybrids who were math geniuses by day, and stabbing kids at Dennys by night- true story. While I didn’t partake in trying to do group beatdowns with the other kids, I definitely was observant of the heavy influence in west coast hip hop and the message behind it. I was a kid in a military jacket, doc martens, with my skinnies taken in with dental floss getting down to some hip hop. Though it didn’t sound the same as The Sex Pistols, The Zounds, Rudimentary Peni, or Nausea– it promoted a similar message- Fuck the police and Fuck the media. Tupac’s album All Eyez on Me changed my life as well as Me Against the World. To this day, he’s unmatched. Sorry Kanye.

So prevalent, such an inspiration, and still, I ask that Thug Life’s Bury me a G be played at my funeral. Here’s to you Mr. Shakur. (pouring out my 40 that I don’t have).