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Bridge School Benefit

This past weekend was Neil Young’s 27th annual Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA, a non-profit raising money for the education of special needs children. A nice nostalgic time in my opinion, including performances from Elvis Costello, CSNY, Heart, Diana Krall.. My Morning Jacket also played a tribute with Neil Young to the late great Lou Reed (RIP; you’re the man, man).

Highlight of the night, and of my year, was Mr. Tom mother fucking Waits. His first show in over 5 years. He killed it, he’s amazing. The man is incomparable. I’m almost at a loss for words, which doesn’t happen very often. His 10 song set covered a good span of his career,and he and his band, which included Primus’ Les Claypool on standup bass, Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo on guitar and accordion, and his son, Casey Waits on drums, did not disappoint, and Tom’s range of vocals and stage presence was even more than I expected. I do love a man with a growl..


Raised Right Men
Talking at the Same Time
Lucky Day
Tom Traubert’s Blues
Last Leaf
Cemetery Polka
Come On Up to the House

His whole set is online for viewing here.

Tom Waits by Anoton Corbijn.

Definitely a check off the ol’ bucket list. Thank you, Neil and thank you kindly, Tom. I’m a happy, lucky lady.