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Brian Anderson: Leader of the Pack

Growing up there were three videos that specifically influenced where my skating, and probably overall life, went: The End, Photosynthesis, and Welcome to Hell. Each video had stand out parts from skater’s who became huge inspirations in my life: Heath Kirchart, Jason Dill, Jeremy Klein, and of course Brian Anderson.

His skating was beyond what was happening at the time. His style alone put him in his own bubble and he affected everyone in skating in the most positive of ways. He certainly pushed the envelope back then and now has finally came out publicly as gay, via a short from VICE, pushing the envelope again on people’s perspectives.

To be the first professional skater to come out is a big deal, not to mention his pro model shoes are the first of any pro shoe from a gay “athlete” in general.

Living in a city like Los Angeles you some times forget how close minded the world is, although you are constantly reminded via the media etc., but to hear how afraid of coming out he was is a huge wake up call to all of us. Because at the end of the day who gives a fuck and why would you want anyone to be anything less than who they really are.

BA forever.