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Last Month, Vanski Transki posted BLANDA’s NYC opening for her OBEY Collection launch. Blanda continued the party in her hometown of Zurich Switzerland. With the help of our Swiss Posse, some old friends, and of course, Blanda… The party popped off.. With tunes blaring, the alcohol spilling, and people just having a grand ol’ time. Photo credits to Olivier Bonnet, Masta P., and Blanda E. in providing some photos to help us visualize this great night and helped us imagine we were right there with them… hey ladieeeess!

“This past Saturday, on Oct 8th, we celebrated the Swiss release of the Blanda for OBEY artist series collaboration at it-spot Gonzo in Zurich. It turned out to be one of those rare nights everyone kept buzzing about for days. We were dancing to beats by Nadeeya, Kutmah, David Suivez and Ngoc Lan into the early morning hours. All of my closest friends and family were there (even my grandmother stopped by for a glass of prosecco:) I can’t describe how special it was to present this collection in my hometown to the people I love.” – B

Blanda and Her Family!

Pierre & Ngoc Lan

Blanda & Melanie Winiger

yuppers!! thank you to everybody involved in OBEY Radio Zurich!!!