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Artist Spotlight: Green Gerry

Green Gerry is an awesome new band that I’ve discovered from Los Angeles, California. They write great songs and have rad music videos. What I like most about this band though is that they have an incredible live show that’s both energetic and uniquely epic. I recently had a chance to catch their set at SWIMM’s residency at The Echo in Echo Park and it was pretty awesome. To be honest, when I first saw the band setting up their equipment on stage I had no idea who these guys were. The members were all dressed in nice suits but I couldn’t tell if they were a jazz quintet or a ska-revival band. After the band got all their equipment up, the lead singer (dressed in a fitted all white suit and ruby red loafers) rushes up onto the stage to adjust his mic stand and vocal effect pedals, gives the crowd a good stare, then immediately walks off stage. At first glance, he resembled a shy John Travolta in Saturday Night Live.. little did I know he would be the exact opposite. Sure enough as soon as the lights turned off, the band broke into a dancey disco like groove and the show began. The crowd soon began to dance their asses off as the front man commanded the audience with his powerful yet melodic voice. The rest of the band, all locked in like members of the Wrecking Crew, played through the set effortlessly like seasoned musicians while controlling the crowd’s movement and energy. It was definitely unlike any show I had seen in a while. Just from that performance I guarantee these guys will become pretty huge in LA over the next year. Keep your eye on Green Gerry and go peep their music below. Next year I’ll be telling you “I told you”.